Sikurity Consulting

Sikurity LLC conducts consulting services for Chief Security Officers (CSOs) and their direct reports, and other C-level executives and boards of directors.

Sikurity conducts 'Return On Investment' analysis for security management change analysis, purchasing decisions, and technology choice reviews.  Sikurity conducts ROI consulting for organizations that require state-of-the-art decision-making analysis tools and support documentation for C-level executive reviews.  Recent examples of Sikurity consulting projects included: 

  • ROI assessment of IP Video conversion from legacy Analog Video system; 
  • ROI assessment of 'buy or build' central station alarm monitoring services;
  • ROI assessment of guard force management contract, with cost-cutting objectives to maintain highest level support in environment of reduced budgets.
  • ROI assessment of technology pathway for enterprise system upgrade.

Sikurity provides change management consulting and analysis for companies and organizations that need to re-think their security management strategy using 'Lean Management' techniques to reduce wasteful time, process, energy, movement, and expense in --

  • Transportation (moving products that are not actually required to perform the core objectives)
  • Inventory (all components, work-in-progress and finished product not being processed)
  • Motion (people or equipment moving or walking more than is required to perform the processing)
  • Waiting (waiting for the next production step, critical process automation, time management)
  • Overproduction (production ahead of demand)
  • Over Processing (due to poor tool or product design creating activity)
  • Defects (the effort involved in inspecting for and fixing defects)

Sikurity provides project management consulting to get projects on track, completed on time, and on budget.  Wearing the proverbial 'fireman's' hat to rescue projects is a frequent assignment of Sikurity, though we much prefer to get called in earlier at the planning stage.  

Lastly, Sikurity provides M&A due diligence and advisory services