Sikurity, pronounced: sik-yur-ity; means to secure, `to show what is right` in security.

Sikurity LLC (hereafter Sikurity) is a security advisor to CSOs and their direct reports, C-level executives, and boards of directors.   The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is an important stakeholder in enterprise viability and profitability. CSOs that can successfully manage the convergence of information and physical security requirements can safeguard the enterprise and add to the operational bottom-line with labor-saving productivity increasing technologies and state-of-the-art decision-making tools (e.g., dashboards).

is dedicated to meeting the needs of CSOs in all aspects of their professional responsibilities from CSO mentoring, to strategic planning within the enterprise, to 360 assessments and line-of-sight threat awareness and risk mitigation, to manpower assessments and restructurings, to CSO employment succession planning and employment transitions, to creation of viable Return On Investment (ROI) and Cost-Benefit Statements on proposed security improvement projects.

is a provider of leading-edge "independent security consulting services." We are informed of the leading IP security technologies, and the legacy technologies that these new technologies seek to replace.  Most importantly, we not affiliated with any manufacturer, vendor, or product; from our independence springs our value to you as a customer.
The primary services provided to our clients have included CSO advisory services, management consulting, CSO trouble-shooting and recovery projects, owners representative project management services for large-scale security systems integration design/build projects, and training. 

Sikurity provides direct service and consulting for remote monitoring services for video, access control, building controls, and other  SCADA - supervisory control and data acquisition communications - appliances. CSOs are increasingly being called to provide greater awareness of their global operations and Sikyur's new remote monitoring service offerings are designed to meet this need.

When CSO failure is not an option, seek out Sikurity LLC and let us help you identify the strategy, tactics, and tools to bring about meaningful and lasting improvements in your organization.